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What Does 2024 Have In Store For Trade Shows?

The events industry has bounced back from the pandemic within a short period of time, and is once again thriving and growing. This is remarkable because of the other challenges that have cropped up, including the economic and supply chain crisis and an uncertain geopolitical situation.

The coming year looks set to be another one of rapid change and development in the sector. Here’s a look at what will be setting the stage for 2024.

Immersive experiences

Developments in technology mean that immersive experiences with augmented reality and virtual reality will become more common at trade stands and booths. This can be used to create digital tours of places and buildings, and holograms to demonstrate products or services to visitors.

Measurable environmental impact

There has been a lot of talk about sustainability and eco-friendly policies over the past few years, and in 2024 these sometimes rather vague gestures are about to get a lot more specific. Technology will provide key performance indicators about energy efficiency and consumption for individual trade stands and the event as a whole.

As evidence mounts about the damage caused by environmental and climate change, in 2024 events and businesses will need to be more accountable and transparent about what action they are taking, rather than just talk the talk. 

Organic designs

In terms of the look and design of the booths and stands, there will be a move away from the bright and harshly lit spaces of the past, to a more natural and organic feel that will be approachable and welcoming. The stands will incorporate greenery and living walls, and have softer curved shapes with natural materials. 

LED lighting is now more affordable than ever as well as being energy efficient, so expect to see more creative use of lighting design, with LED tunnels, walls, and even floor displays. There will also be more use of recycled materials and reclaimed items in stand designs. The shape of the stands will be open and welcoming instead of closed and boxy. 

Educational games

Instead of rather dry and daunting product video demonstrations, 2024 will see a trend for educational games that are fun to use and help visitors get a hands-on insight into the product or service. This will make the process of learning more about a product engaging and interesting, and be more memorable, potentially boosting sales.

Personalised experiences

Technology will no longer be a faceless tool in 2024, but increasingly personalised so that it can target individual customer needs. This can create a sense of loyalty and authenticity in the visitor experience, as well as helping them to find exactly what they are looking for.

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