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What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Team Building Activities?

Team building activities are a great way to help employees get to know each other better and develop stronger working relationships. There are several different types of team building activity which are designed to encourage collaboration, communication, and reduce conflict.

Most employees also enjoy the chance to spend a day or two away from their usual working environment, whether at an outdoor location, or at a dedicated conference and events centre. The process of spending time in a novel situation can help to knit a team together, regardless of the activities undertaken.

Lifting people slightly out of their comfort zones with a new challenge can bring out the best in a team, and also reveal any weaknesses that need to be worked on. Most staff appreciate the investment that is being made in their training and development, and return from a team building event with boosted morale and renewed enthusiasm for their work.

What are the different types of team building activity?

There are several different approaches to take to a team building activity. One of the most popular kinds is the problem solving approach. The activity is based around finding a solution to a problem, whether directly related to the team’s job roles, or through a more abstract scenario such as an escape room.

This type of activity can be beneficial for real-world situations in the future. Even the best performing businesses and organisations encounter and need to overcome obstacles, and these challenges are often best met by effective communication and a positive working environment where everyone’s contribution is valued.

Creative challenges are another widely used type of team building activity. They can help employees view situations from different angles and gain a fresh perspective on their own job roles. Creative thinking also leads to more effective problem solving and encourages good collaboration between team members.

The challenge could be a design-based one, such as coming up with a company web page or even building a simple website together. It could be a friendly competition between small groups to come up with a product design or a logo. Even a traditional board game such as Pictionary can be very productive.

Meeting based activities are excellent for bringing a team closer together, especially if there is a broad range of personality types and levels of experience in the current team. These activities can help all members of the team to feel confident about making contributions to team meetings, and also help them to listen more constructively to the ideas of others.

A typical meeting based event might start off with an ice-breaker, such as a game or quiz. The team members may then be asked to work towards something which they can present or provide on to the rest of the team, either individually or in pairs.

A popular strategy for this type of event is to ask people to talk about which achievements they are most proud of in their life. This encourages employees to think about their own strengths, and also helps the rest of the team members understand each other better and be more aware of their collective strengths, knowledge, skills, and talents.

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