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Tips To Make An Effective Demonstration At A Trade Show

If you are exhibiting at a trade show, one of the best ways to let people know about your business and products is to do a live demonstration. No matter whether it’s gadgets or software, the opportunity to see the product in action can make the difference between a browsing visitor and a paying customer.

Here are some tips for an effective trade show demonstration.

Know who your target audience is

The first step is to decide who you are talking to, and tailor your presentation to address their needs and concerns directly. It’s a chance to build brand awareness, authenticity, and loyalty, which are key to attracting new customers and retaining your existing ones.

Practice makes perfect

Face-to-face demonstrations are a very persuasive and effective communication tool, even in the internet era. The presentation still needs to be clear, confident, and well informed, to convince and engage the audience.

Make sure that the script is to the point, communicates all the main benefits and features of the product, and the staff are well rehearsed and energetic in their delivery. Use supporting visuals to back up any complex points or data, if necessary.

Try before you buy

If possible, let the audience interact with the product themselves, rather than just watch. If they experience the benefits for themselves, it is much easier for them to imagine owning it, and you will be one step nearer a sale. It is much more effective to prove what a product can do in real time, rather than just talk or write about it.

Be ready to counter any concerns

Sometimes, consumers may have heard some misleading second-hand information about the effectiveness of a product, and they may have some unfounded bias against it. If you are aware of any false beliefs about your product, such as “X software is complicated to use”, take the time to demonstrate why this is not the case.

Anticipate any potential questions and concerns your audience may raise, and have well rounded answers prepared.

Listen to feedback

If visitors are raising the same questions and concerns every time you demonstrate the product, ask yourself why this is the case. It may be that there is a weakness that needs addressing, or just something that requires a small tweak to improve it.

Remember that your aim is to solve the problems of your target audience, not to tell them how to do something. Constructive customer feedback is an incredibly useful tool to fine tune your products, and make them as relevant and user friendly to your core market as possible.

Provide takeaway samples

If possible, provide a freebie that your customer can take away with them after the demo. This could just be a business card with a link to the recording of the demo on your social media or website. It could be something more tangible, such as material samples, if you have clothing or furnishing based products, for example.

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