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How To Make The Most Of Technology At A Conference

Organising a conference is a demanding task, with many factors to be taken into consideration. One area that can sometimes be neglected is making sure that all the technology is set up to provide the most effective presentation of the conference material.

Tech related hitches can be frustrating for both the presenters and the audience, throwing the schedule out and interrupting the smooth flow of events. Poor use of technology can also prevent the clear communication of key messages, undermining the impact of the day and failing to engage the audience in a meaningful way.

Therefore, it’s important to check out in advance what technology and equipment will be provided on the day, and if there are any extras you need to arrange in advance. It’s also a good idea to have a trial run of the audiovisual system in advance to identify and correct any issues.

What technology does a conference room need?

A conference room should have a good audio system that allows the presenters to easily project their voice to the back of the room. Test the microphone and speakers in advance for any issues with feedback or echos. The clarity and quality of the sound can have a huge effect on the audience engagement and enjoyment levels of the session.

A clear and bright LED display screen that is well positioned and large enough to be seen from all positions in the room is ideal. This allows presenters to quickly and easily share images, web pages and video content, and can be shared with other smart devices. A whiteboard can also be used to make any ad hoc points along the way.

It is important to check how up to date the equipment provided by the conference centre is, because legacy systems are not always compatible with newer devices.

Superfast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are essential for a conference room, both to ensure wireless connectivity and to connect with remote users. Often today, conferences are hybrid affairs with some people participating or even presenting remotely, so a strong, fast and reliable internet connection is non-negotiable.

If a large number of people will be participating remotely, needless to say you will need to put in place suitable software that is compatible with a wide range of devices. Popular choices include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Google Hangouts.

There are plenty of other options available, but bear in mind that using an app that most of the delegates are already familiar with and have proven user-friendly qualities can save time. You don’t want hold ups while people attempt to navigate an unfamiliar user interface or fail to log on at all.

If the conference centre has a control panel to access the built in technology, it’s a good idea for the conference organiser to familiarise themselves with this in advance of the conference day. While most will be easy and intuitive to use, knowing where all the features are in advance can prevent frustrating errors when time is of the essence.

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