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Tips For Sharing What You’ve Learned At A Conference

Attending a conference can be a stimulating experience, where you will be introduced to some new ideas and ways of working. Hopefully you will be taking in information that is relevant to your job role and also those of your colleagues and contacts.

It might have fallen to you to feed back what you have learned to others in your team. Even if you have not been specifically asked to do this, sharing what you have learned means that more people will benefit from the event, and the knowledge could be valuable to your business or organisation.

However, if you have not presented conference learning to your colleagues before, you might not be sure about the best way to go about it. Here are some tips.

Take notes during the conference

Many conference organisers make their notes available online or share handouts that summarise the main topics. However, this is not always the best way of retaining information and you could miss out on the details that are most relevant to you. Taking your own notes means it is more likely that you will remember the most important points.

If you are speedy with your keyboard skills, you could even consider liveblogging or live tweeting the event to give your colleagues an insight into the proceedings.

Write a post-conference blog

If you have a large and geographically dispersed number of colleagues to share your information with, then posting a blog on the company intranet site might be the best way to go. This gives you some time for reflecting on and organising your notes, so that you can retain the items that are most important to your field.

You may even have time to add value to what you have learnt, by expanding on some of the topics to make it more relevant to the job roles of your colleagues or the particular niche that your business or organisation specialises in. This will take some extra research on your part, but it could prove to be time well spent.

Hold informal lunchtime sessions

If there is not the time or inclination for a more formal in-person feedback session such as a seminar or meeting, you could offer to host a series of short lunchtime sessions for anyone who is interested to drop by. These smaller group situations could provide a good environment for prompting discussion and questions that would not happen otherwise.

Design an infographic

If you are someone with a creative flair and enjoy communicating visually, then creating an infographic can be a great way to share knowledge. It helps you to get across the main points in a concise and engaging way, and the use of illustrations or graphics can make the information more memorable and accessible to a wider audience.

You can share your work on a company blog post, use it as part of a presentation, or even print it out and distribute copies among your colleagues.

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