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Smart Tactics to Promote Your Event Stand

Getting Attendees to visit your exhibition stand or booth can sometimes feel like a tug of war on the show room floor. You often never know if you're walking on to a show room floor with other stands using Hollywood styled budgets to attract visitations or simple effective layouts.

Regardless of your budget, here is a variety of different solutions that you could use to gain that visit to your stand.

1. The Bowl

Often a fishbowl raffle is a great way to collect contacts for business marketing ,as well as encourage attendees to visit your stand multiple times.

Simply ask everyone who stops by your booth to drop a business card into the fishbowl and come back later for the prize draw. The prizes can vary from a bottle of wine to a business specific product. This is a good way of keeping costs down while maintaining visitations.

The only drawback to this Starkey is the popularity of this tactic often leads to many stand holders hosting a raffle, taking away some of the uniqueness of your booth promotion.

2. The Give-a-way

Sometimes focusing your budget on a larger prize as a giveaway is a much better option, as you collect details and information for potential leads and prospects to follow up on.

A simple sign-up to an email list could merit one entry into the draw, but you could offer bonus entries for signing up for services such as newsletters or updates.

A g suggestion would be to have a vibrant, eye catching display that will attract attention to your giveaway, whether this is the prize packages themselves or the marketing supporting it.

3. Social Media

If you want to focus your booth on serious content, you can instead hold a competition on social media to win your products or services. By using a QR code for easy submission, anyone attending your booth could enter whole shouting out to others about your business or products. They could even get a bonus entry for being there in person, adding more value to there time visiting your booth.

Another tactic could be to encourage people to follow you and share a secret clue or a special code word, then tell people to take that clue or coded message and visit to the stand for a special prize. This is often a great way to host a event competition while including others at the event.

Offering a check-in prize is another good tactic to get even more attention to your event booth The idea behind this is if someone checks in at your booth on social media and uses a specific hashtag, they can enter to win a small prize or be entered into a draw for something spectacular.

4. Charge & Work Space

Why not turn your event booth into a workspace with charging ports and adapters. Most attendees are balancing work and their personal lives. Providing them with a comfortable and functional place to do it can keep them on the exhibit floor instead of trudging back to their rooms.

The important thing here is to create an exchange around the experience so they don’t just use your space and leave without engaging with you. A good way around this is to require email signups before entry or even a simple social media post, tagging your business or using a special event hashtag.

5. Be Bold

Your stand design and decorating can say a lot about your brand and services, even before you have engaged with an attendee. Make sure you have set yourself up for success by ensuring you are engaging attendees positively, even before you talk to them.

A bold color scheme can be a good start, by drawing the eye and making people look at your booth first. Bright colors can be an excellent assist in the competition for attention, They are harder to ignore and tend to be more welcoming and inviting to attendees.

Some good lighting effects can also be very noticeable, particularly if they change color.

You could even incorporate lighting displays into product runs and presentations, allowing you dual use for lighting effects. It often attracts more social media attention, with attendees more likely to snap a pic of your booth to share event details.

Lighting is a powerful tool that can change the mood and atmosphere of your booth. When used on a smaller scale, it is fairly budget friendly. Use lighting to highlight your products and make them noticeable from afar. If you have a small space, try to pick one element and focus on to lower costs.

6. Keep On Brand

If you do have a dramatic or evocative theme at your booth, remember not to lose your brand in it. Incorporate your booth theme with your brand, and make your branding visible to all attendees.

Have a clear logo in all entrance points of your booth or hanging above your booth so people can see who you are right away. Branding is crucial at trade shows. It’s your way to showcase who you are in front of thousands of people who may not have heard of you before. From the clothes you wear in the booth to the giveaways you offer to generate booth traffic, every last touch should be laced with your brand.



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