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How To Hold A Carbon-Neutral Event

The latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, published on April 4th, has revealed that although global emissions growth has slowed over the last ten years, much more must be done in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and achieve the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C.

To attain these goals, we all need to work together and we all have our part to play to tackle the climate emergency head on. Where the events industry is concerned, there’s a lot that can be done to help reduce the impact of the sector - and now’s the perfect opportunity to start researching how best to go about throwing carbon-neutral events.

The term ‘carbon neutral’ means that there is no net release of CO2 sent into the atmosphere and this can be achieved by reducing emissions wherever possible and then offsetting any that remain by making investments in various projects that can help drive down emissions.

Before you can do this, however, you would perhaps be wise to have a carbon audit carried out. This involves measuring emissions generated by fuel consumption and waste, electricity and heating for venues, and the entire supply chain, as well as delegate travel and any overnight accommodation required.

Of course, it would be a massive - and nigh-on impossible - task to carry out an audit of your entire event, so it’s important to set yourself some parameters within which you can work so you can make the most significant inroads where greenhouse gas emissions are concerned relative to your particular endeavours.

Typically speaking, most emissions generated by events will likely be related to electricity, travel and transport, but you should also consider reviewing your supply chain as well, so you can find suppliers that tie in with the same goals and ambitions as yours, ones that are focused on working in a sustainable way, as well.

Once your audit has been carried out, you can start thinking about practical action. Perhaps the best place to begin is finding venues that make good use of renewable energy… a relatively quick win when it comes to holding carbon-neutral events.

Carbon offsetting will also be key, as you will likely find it impossible to go completely carbon neutral, no matter how green you try to be. Investing in global projects can help you offset the emissions you can’t avoid making and there are a variety of different schemes you can find to tie in well with your business or event.

And, of course, it would also be advisable to make sure you tell your delegates about your carbon neutral goals. They, too, will have their part to play in ensuring the sustainability of your event - and you may well find that your reputation goes up a few notches as a result of becoming more eco-conscious.

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