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5 Ways To Attract Visitors At A Trade Show

If your business is investing in a space at an exhibition or trade show this year, you will want to make the most of the opportunity. You may have prepared some excellent materials, and have enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who are keen to chat to potential new customers.

However, in order to turn all that effort into extra custom for your business, you need to attract attention and get people interested enough to take a look at your stand.

Research similar events

In the run up to your event, try and attend some similar events to help you see what works about the stands and what doesn’t. Pick a sector or trade the same or similar to your business if possible. Weigh up if it’s worth investing in a premium position for example, or in some professionally designed roller banners.

Let people know you will be there

If your business has social media accounts or an email marketing campaign, include plenty of updates in the run up to the event. Make sure you add the details about the venue location, time, and date to each post or email, and include the reasons why you think your stand is worth visiting.

Contact journalists and editors who work on relevant trade publications and websites, to see if they will accept a guest blog post or article about your stand.

Work out what you want to get out of the event

You want your staff to be able to speak with conviction, and engage their audience in something worth knowing. For example, do you want to raise awareness of a new product or service? Do you have a unique product or business model that can solve a particular problem for customers?

Work out what you have to offer that will make the lives of your target audience easier, rather than try and tell people what you think is great about your products.

Take time to get the design right

Your stand needs to eye catching, and clearly convey what your business does. Forefront your brand identity, with the company name and logo printed large enough to be read from a distance. Add one or two short and simple sentences underneath to say what your company does. Avoid jargon, and make it as clear and easy to understand as possible.

There’s plenty of time to go into more detail once you have people’s attention. Your stand should be well lit and attractively laid out, with a welcome counter where staff can greet customers, and give out leaflets and freebies.

Do some live demos

Take some of your products along and make sure your staff are comfortable demonstrating how to use them. If they are easy to use, let people have a go themselves. Consider If there are product-related free samples you could give away. For example, if you manufacture blinds, you could give away samples of all the different materials and patterns that you use.

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