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4 Tips To Plan The Perfect Conference

Organising a business event or conference can be fraught with challenges with so many different things to take into consideration.

There are also the added complications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to take into consideration, meaning that not only do you need a venue with good transport links, but you need to consider travel restrictions, the willingness of delegates to travel far distances, as well as testing and develop contingency plans in case of lockdowns.

Not only that, but people may be anxious about large events these days, and as the event organiser, you need to do what you can to reassure them everything is being handled safely.

1. Write a list of non-negotiables

Every event will have its own requirements and aspects that are essential to the success of the conference, and you must establish your non-negotiables before you do anything. This might include location, budget, or the facilities offered by your venue.

Make a detailed list of them and keep them in mind at every stage of planning the event. If you are struggling to make any decisions down the line, then referring back to these non-negotiables will help you to put your foot down and insist on what you need. If it isn’t on the list, then you have some freedom to negotiate.

2. Consider your room layout

While focusing on the venue, catering, delegate travel arrangements, and schedules, it can be easy to overlook the layout of the room, which can be a critical aspect of the success of your event.

The right layout can significantly improve delegate engagement, but get it wrong, and you could create a poor experience for guests. Will a classroom style arrangement work, with each delegate getting their own table, or would a theatre-style arrangement be best, allowing delegates to engage with each other better?

3. Carefully Plan Your Catering

Whatever the theme of your conference or event, the food will be an aspect that everyone who attends will remember, for better or for worse! A good venue will work with you to help create a menu that will appeal to everyone and leave a positive lasting impression.

Some conferences work best with a buffet lunch in a completely separate location, while others benefit from a working lunch during the meeting. Make sure you check if delegates have any allergies or dietary requirements, and let your caterers or venue know in advance.

4. Make Sure It’s Sustainable

Sustainability is a top priority for everyone, and if your business has focused on green initiatives and reducing its carbon footprint, then your events must follow suit.

Planning a large event with no consideration for the environment can undo all your hard work when it comes to your sustainability initiatives, but keeping this at the forefront during your planning process will paint your brand in the best possible light.

Look for venues that are taking steps to be sustainable, and encourage speakers and delegates to embrace digital technology as opposed to paper handouts and brochures.

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