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Top Marketing Strategies To Attract Attendees To Your Event

Even the most carefully planned event requires an impactful marketing strategy to help make it a success. It’s not just about getting people through the door, but also ensuring that it connects with your target audience who share the values, aims and purpose of your event. 

This will make all the effort truly worthwhile and build a loyal customer base for future events. A successful event or business presentation that is attended by the right people will raise the profile of your brand and carry on working hard for you long after it has finished. Here are some proven marketing strategies to reach the most relevant audience.

Research your target audience

The first step is to clearly define your target audience, otherwise no matter how well crafted your marketing tools, they will have little impact. For example, if you are targeting a traditional sector such as law or accounting, then you will need to seek out online platforms geared towards professionals such as LinkedIn rather than more youthful platforms.

This sector will probably respond well to email marketing campaigns and be looking for information-dense event content about regulatory updates or new developments in their field. If you are marketing to a younger audience in fashion or entertainment, you might want to consider tying in the event with other local events such as live performances. 


Content marketing

Content marketing can be used to optimise your digital marketing campaign to make it more prominent in search engines, as well as to inform viewers about the event. Include informative blog posts, video content, or even webinars about the event or the sector that it relates to, and address any potential questions or concerns attendees may have. 

Social media marketing

Choose the most appropriate social media platforms for your audience, and start to build your campaign a few months in advance of the event to create a buzz. Create event pages on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and update them regularly with details such as keynote speakers, itineraries, and attendees. 

Develop unique hashtags to encourage engagement and boost visibility, and use targeted ads to reach specific demographics in your target audience. 

Email marketing

Email marketing may seem a bit old hat in today’s online world, but it is still a very effective means of reaching specific audiences. Segment your email lists to create personalised content based on factors such as location, job roles, previous engagements with the website or social media, and so on. Include a clear call to action in the email.

Retargeting campaigns 

Retargeting ads can be helpful to reach people who have visited your website or event page but haven’t registered. They act as prompts and reminders to encourage them to sign up. Remarketing campaigns are used to engage past attendees and highlight the features of the upcoming event. 

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