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Tips For Organising An AGM

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a requirement for most companies and organisations. It is an opportunity for company shareholders and directors to meet, exchange information, and pass resolutions, and consider any other motions.

On paper it can sound like a rather dry box-ticking formality, but with the right approach it can feel like an occasion which is genuinely interesting and rewarding to attend. This is good for the companies’ overall image, and its relationships with members and stakeholders. Here are some tips for organising a successful AGM.

Plan well in advance

It is a legal requirement to give at least 21 days’ notice to all shareholders in advance of the AGM, and details of the meeting date, time, location, and agenda must be sent 14 days in advance. It is good practice to publicise the AGM well in advance, to give all members and shareholders the best chance of attending.

Choose the right venue

Choosing a suitable venue will be key to ensuring that the AGM is a well-attended and successful event. If possible, arrange to visit it in advance. A purpose-built venue such as conference facilities in Milton Keynes are a great option.

This will give you more flexibility over the numbers, as they will have a range of room sizes and seating arrangements to suit the size of your audience. There will also be state-of-the-art equipment and technology, to make sure that all of the presentations are of the highest possible standard, with remote/hybrid meeting solutions if required.

There are many more advantages to holding your AGM at a bespoke venue, rather than a hotel or office. For example, there will be dedicated break-out areas for attendees to relax, socialise and network, which helps to create a more informal and friendly atmosphere.

Purpose-built venues will also have good transport links via major road and rail networks, which gives the best opportunity for everyone who wishes to attend the meeting. There will also be a dedicated events team on hand to help the event run smoothly.

Arrange a guest speaker

It will be necessary for some of the board members to make speeches, but it can also help to bring in a guest speaker to add variety and interest. Choose a speaker who has a passion for one of the areas of the business, and can speak knowledgably about it.

It is also important that they are able to engage an audience, and bring a potentially dry subject to life with touches of humour and personality.

Rehearse major speeches

It can help to rehearse the main addresses in advance, especially if some of the directors are not experienced at giving conference speeches in person. This will help to produce a relaxed and engaging delivery, which will inspire a sense of confidence in the company.

Give shareholders the chance to ask questions

It is important that shareholders have the opportunity to raise questions. It

may also be a good policy to practice managing questions from the floor in advance, so the responses are accurate and in accordance with company policy.



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