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These are the things to look for when hiring a meeting room!

WIFI: Most organisers will need an internet connection to either access their presentation or stream videos online. Always check if the WIFI is readily available.

CABLES/CONNECTORS/ADAPTERS: Meeting rooms should include monitors and projectors, for your use. Not all cables provided will match your device. Make sure to bring your own connectors or check with the staff whether they are suitable for your device.

WHITEBOARDS/FLIPCHARTS: Even in the world of technology, whiteboards and flip charts still have a special place in meeting rooms. They are ideal for writing out ideas or making notes. They tend to encourage delegates to write notes also.

HOUSEKEEPING: You never want to hold a meeting in an untidy environment. Bad housekeeping will ruin first impressions. The venue should have staff on site to keep the rooms clean and tidy.

CATERING: Catering is a large factor to ensure overall satisfaction. Ensure that the venue can offer a catering service, if planning to have refreshments.

BREAK AREA: Short breaks in between meetings are often given to allow delegates to keep focus. Providing an area where they can relax or move away from the meeting room is a great idea.



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