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How to Make Effective Use Of Decor At Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are a chance to make a great impression on clients and potential customers, and one of key elements in creating the perfect atmosphere is the decor. This can be used to set the tone for the brand and to help make the venue feel like a welcoming and memorable place to be. Here are a few suggestions.

Define the events objectives

The purpose and theme of the event will help to guide your choice of decor. For example, if it is for attracting new customers in the tech industry, then branded LED wall displays or posters may be the most suitable option. If it is a high-profile fundraiser with special guest speakers, you may want to roll out the red carpet and create a grand entrance.

Unique lighting arrangements

Tailor the lighting to suit the tone of the event. For example, a formal dinner will benefit from soft warm lighting that creates depth and intimacy, whereas if you are demonstrating new products or services then bright clear lighting is essential. If the event includes audiovisual displays, then dimmable lighting is helpful to give the optimum viewing experience.

If the event has a social or festive atmosphere, such as a corporate cocktail party or fundraiser, then consider adding extra interest with festoon or fairy lighting.

Cohesive colour schemes

Colour schemes can be used to showcase the brand identity and to highlight the key features such as walkways and check in desks. However avoid using a lot of dark colours together as this can make the venue seem dingy and unwelcoming. Consider placing Customised banners with the company logo at strategic high-traffic points.

Energising colours such as red, orange or yellow may be suitable for an event with a youthful and creative audience, whereas a neutral palette or cool blues and greens may suit a more senior or traditional audience.

However, there is also the potential to use bright electric blues or more vibrant greens if you want an upbeat feel that doesn’t deviate too far from the company’s colour palette. Warmer colours such as red can be reserved for accent colours if you want to avoid an overstimulating environment.

Bring in some elements of nature

Natural elements such as wood or flowers can help to bring character and warmth to a corporate setting. Consider making use of floral table displays or natural wood tableware. In an era when brands are keen to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, using reclaimed or recycled materials is a popular decor choice.

Thoughtful table centrepieces can be a good conversation starter and help to set the tone for a unique and memorable event. However make sure that they are not so elaborate that they take up too much table space or obstruct the guest’s view of each other as they try to make conversation.

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