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Disadvantages Of Online Learning

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Employee training and development programs provide the perfect opportunity to develop the knowledge base in your organisation. And most importantly, great learning experiences make for a happier workforce.

Training helps boost employee morale, and increases productivity, as well as increasing employee retention. But with the ‘new normal’ seeing many employees working remotely full or part-time, a lot of training has had to be conducted virtually.

We have a look at the disadvantages of online learning, and why you should reconsider in-person training.

1. Online Learning May Create a Sense of Isolation

Everyone learns in their own way, and while some people are able to work independently, others find comfort in the company of others and more direct access to instructors and hands-on instruction. Remote working and learning can create a sense of isolation for many people.

2. Online Learning Requires Self-Discipline

To follow on from the above point, being present in-person and physically attending training increases accountability. If an employee feels they are not getting the right guidance, they may not have the self-discipline to fully engage in the training on their own initiative.

3. Online Learning Requires Additional Training for Instructors

Even if fully conversant with the learning materials to be taught, conducting training virtually instead of in-person requires a different set of skills and approach to the subject material. Instructors will require additional training to effectively deliver the training, as well as the use of the equipment needed for livestreaming or recording the session.

4. Online Classes Are Prone to Technical Issues

Nothing disrupts online learning more than technical issues. Without a doubt, anyone who has used any type of video conferencing will have experienced a loss in signal, service, audio, or video, which can be frustrating for all involved.

While online learning has been essential during the pandemic and certainly does have advantages too, it fails to supersede the advantages of in-person training.

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