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6 Top Tips To Make Your Corporate Event More Memorable

Corporate events are a standard feature in the calendar of many businesses, and are an excellent opportunity to meet potential new clients and build on existing client relationships. They may also allow colleagues from different aspects of your business or guests from other companies to come together and exchange ideas and discuss plans.

However, for people who attend several such events a year, they can tend to follow a similar format and blend into each other. Here are some tips to help your event stand out from the rest and encourage attendees to return time and again.

Create an identity for the event

Having a theme for your event can help to give it that edge and make it stay in the minds of your attendees. This could be a theme that is relevant to your industry or the overall objectives of the event.

Make sure the venue is accessible

The right venue can make or break a corporate event. It’s often best to choose a dedicated events centre that will be able to offer a full range of room sizes and facilities depending on your needs. The venue should be accessible and inclusive for those with restricted mobility or other impairments.

The location should be central for the majority of the attendees, and ideally near to major transport links including motorway junctions, rail stations and airports. This means that your guests can arrive in a timely and unflustered manner, rather than spend extra time having to track down a country hotel along narrow lanes in the middle of nowhere.

Be a welcoming host

Guests should be made to feel welcome, with clear signage to assist with wayfinding or plenty of staff on hand to show them to their seats. They should have somewhere to put their coats and be offered a drink on arrival. This will put everyone at ease and help to create the right atmosphere from the outset.

Have a talking point

To really make your event stand out, it should have some type of talking point, or an element that really brings in the wow factor. This could be a special guest speaker who is prominent in their field, or a memorable entertainment such as live music, a magician, or a special prize giveaway.

Have good quality catering

Disappointing food and drink can really put a damper on even the most well organised event. Make sure that you hire good quality caterers and don’t skimp on the quantity and quality of the food. Consider in advance what type of catering would suit the nature of your event best: a formal sit-down meal, or a buffet or grazing table that allows for mingling.

Have some giveaways

Offer some free branded items that guests can take home with them and will keep around on their desks. This keeps your company at the forefront of minds, and may prompt that follow-up phone call or email.

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