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5 Ways to make a meeting more exciting, but still useful!

When it comes to meetings, every organiser has the same objective and that is to make it memorable and useful for those attending. Meetings tend to be labelled as a 'waste of time', before even entering the event space. Employees tend to directly correlate going into a meeting, with being bored and wasting time when they could be working towards deadlines. However, any complaints can be resolved by keeping the following tips, in mind...

1) Plan the agenda and share it in advance. It is important to have a detailed plan of what you want to achieve, beforehand. Sharing this with the team will ensure they are fully prepared and arrive to the meeting with the correct materials.

2) Incorporate break out sessions. This is essential to a well-organised meeting. Attendees need time to be able to regroup and refocus. It will also give the organiser time to refocus and make sure that they are where they wished to be, at this stage.

3) Make time for a Q&A. People want to be heard and want to feel that there suggestions are being listened to. This will increase audience engagements and will give the organiser a break, in between slides. Be careful not to allow attendees to stray too far from the topic of discussion as this will then negatively impact your agenda.

4) Choose a light and healthy lunch. Doing so will keep guests energised and awake. Most venues will prepare a lunch, in advance, upon request. Usually, DDR rates will have lunch included as this is normally at the bottom of the list for any organiser.

5) Always send a follow-up email. Continue to inspire motivation after the meeting by sending a recap of all the topics discussed. You should include the following objectives, decided in the meeting and remind attendees that their concerns have been listened to. A quick survey asking for improvements or suggestions for the next meeting, to boost morale.

With these easy steps, your meeting is sure to be cooperative and exciting.



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