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5 Tips To Engage Your Audience At A Conference

Conferences are a very effective way to share information, raise awareness of a brand or organisation, and to meet new people. The logistics of planning events receive a lot of attention, and of course it is vital to get all of those details nailed down. However, it is just as important to make sure that the content is engaging and memorable.

Attention spans are getting shorter, thanks to the constant demands of technology and the cult of multitasking. Since the pandemic, the situation may be even worse, as people have got out of the habit of attending live in-person events.

Speakers at today’s conferences might be facing a tough crowd. However, there are some ways that can help make your talk or learning session more engaging. Here are a few tips that might help to get your message across in a lively and interesting way.

1. Start with an ice breaker

Turning out of our homes to attend a conference can be an effort, especially now that many people have got used to working from home for some or all of the time. Starting off with a well-planned ice breaker can be disarming, and make the audience more receptive to the speaker.

Avoid anything too obvious and intimidating, such as asking each delegate to introduce themselves and explain why they’re there. Many people dislike being put on the spot in this way. Instead, you could use polls, to ask people what they expect to get out of the event, or even just a fun question such as what mood everyone is in.

2. Include video clips

Even the most interesting speaker can benefit from a little variety, so it can help to include a short video in your talk. Of course, the content should be relevant and not just shoehorned in for the sake of it, but if it is possible, an inspiring or informative video can keep audiences engaged.

3. Use visuals effectively

If video content is not appropriate, it is still important to use some visuals to enhance your content and make it memorable. For example, statistics and data are much better presented on a chart or graph than written or spoken numerically.

Remember that visuals should be clear and easy to grasp. They are there to illustrate a point, and should always be easily relatable, and not complex and confusing.

4. Practice your delivery

Great content is not enough when presenting to an audience. Your body language, tone of voice, and energy all affect how well your talk will come across.

Make sure that you know your speech well, and don’t have to read from notes or your laptop. This will allow you to make eye contact with audience members, and seem more human.

5. Encourage questions and discussion

Time your talk to allow some room for audience participation at the end. This helps to clear up any areas of confusion, and allows you to elaborate on important points.

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