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5 Events and Exhibition Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Events, exhibitions, and conferences are set to be back in full swing during 2023, after a year of adjustments and hybrid events. However, budgets may be impacted by the challenging financial climate and this may also influence the type of delegates and the focus of events. Here’s a look at what to expect in 2023.

More focus on attracting the right audience

Attendance at some events may continue to be muted due to budgets restraints impacting on travel and business priorities. Therefore, there will be more focus on the quality of the delegates in attendance, rather than simply getting people through the door.

Exhibitors should focus on targeting the right potential contacts and customers through a carefully coordinated pre-event publicity campaign, and communicating what they will get out of attending an in-person event. There will be a renewed focus on building deeper and more relevant connections with quality customers, rather than casting a wider net.

More localised events

The challenging financial climate may mean that there will be fewer international attendees, and even within the UK, some events may have a more regional audience due to more limited travel budgets or the business focus being on other areas. Therefore it might pay off to the research the local area and make sure that your content is a good fit.

Innovative tech features

Technology has advanced at a roaring pace over the past few years, and features such as digital LED posters and interactive digital screens are now standard at events and exhibitions. Virtual reality or augmented reality features are also now used in a more widespread way, to showcase new products or designs to potential new customers.

More focus on sustainability commitments

The environmental challenges we face going into 2023 will be high on the business agenda. Extreme weather events are now happening on a regular basis, with direct consequences for both customers and businesses. This has brought Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards under more scrutiny than ever before.

Customers expect robust and transparent procedures around company ESG policies. ‘Greenwashing’ or avoiding any mention of sustainability is no longer an acceptable method of sidestepping the issue. Therefore it will pay to make sure that your green agenda is more than just lip service in 2023.

More focus on recruitment

Job vacancies are at a record high at the moment, as higher than usual numbers of employees have exited the UK workforce over the past few years. This means that competition for the most talented staff is fierce, and employers are going the extra mile to attract top level workers.

This will be reflected in a new focus on what companies have to offer employees, and there may be an increased drive to recruit new staff at exhibitions and events. Workers now expect to know in advance about training and development opportunities, flexible and hybrid working policies, and an overall greater commitment to employee wellbeing.

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